Posted by: reisendame | February 6, 2007

Entire staff banned from blogging because of one bad egg…

A Nevada newspaper recently banned its staff from online blogging after one reporter promoted a political candidate and blasted the opponents on his personal blog. The Sparks Tribune believed Tom Darby’s actions were in violation of the paper’s policies and procedures. As a journalist, it is unethical to engage in this kind of biased and spiteful behavior. Darby would never be allowed to publish something of this nature in the publication he works for. It’s true that this was a personal blog, and essentially people can say whatever they please. Professionally, Darby made a poor decision and there is no way his intentions could have been noble. By publishing these blogs to the internet, his opinionated voice was louder than anything that could have been printed in the Tribune. Separating private life from professional life can be difficult in the field of journalism, especially when ethical issues arise. It’s impossible to actually feel objectively about the usual suspects: politics, religion, etc. etc. But to actively and openly slander public figures is immoral. It’s unfortunate for Darby’s co-workers that he “ruined it” for them all, because blogs are a useful and therapeutic tool, especially for those who enjoy writing. I’m sure the Tribune was less than thrilled about banning blogging, because it’s become a driving force and outlet in exercising the American freedom of expression. I can’t imagine that Darby had considered the possible and really, very probable, consequences of his immature and inconsiderate behavior. He’s really shot himself in the foot by renouncing his credibility and journalistic integrity.

Dullard Mush: Sparks Tribune Bans Blogs By Staff Members After Darby Controversy

Cyber Journalist: Newspaper bans staff blogs after controversy



  1. Darby was let go by the Tribune soon after the story broke. I believe it was an embarrassment for Tribune management.

    He is back to blogging, but is not employed by any media outlet. I believe he still thinks it was because of his conservative viewpoints and not because of any journalistic ethics breach.

  2. Again, I ask can reporters be bloggers? Did this “professional” reporte cross the line?

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