Posted by: reisendame | February 13, 2007

Australian Prime Minister Tangled up in self-interest

The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, recently expressed his sentiments that Iraqi terrorists are praying for Democratic hopeful Barack Obama to win the presidential race. According to Howard, Obama’s plan to evacuate troops would mark a major military defeat for one of Australia’s closest allies. He figures that withdrawing troops will cause a major threat to his country’s national security. Howard has a point, but this situation is very tricky. Maybe the Iraqis really just want us to leave. One could also argue that this war is extracting major U.S. resources that could be better appropriated to maintain peace in the middle east and the Western World. It doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence that Howard is one of Bush’s closest allies. Howard’s comments really struck me, because they reflect just how selfishly motivated this whole “war” really is. Other than its ties to the United States, Australia really has little to do with the “war on terror,” and it seems as though Howard reflects the same provincial, narrow-minded attitude Bush does: that personal interests must be preserved at all costs, especially at the expense of those who hold little power in comparison. If Howard is so concerned about terrorism, he would realize that the war we are fighting is doing little to thwart anti-American attacks. Since the September 11 bombings, there have been no further attacks on U.S. soil. Still, terrorists are incredibly clever, patient, and good at what they do. By increasing the soldier count and death count in Iraq, we are only reinforcing what they seem to hate about us most. Howard’s comments are not completely out of line; in fact, they are just what one might expect from a friend of George Bush. They do not, however, reflect any sort of desire for change or progression towards peace in any land but his own.

Australian PM questions Obama’s candidacy


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