Posted by: reisendame | February 19, 2007

How to stop a president on the warpath…

bushsbig0201031.jpg  We should have seen it coming: President Bush will not give up. When he announced his intentions to deploy even more troops in Iraq, I thought he should be carried off in a straight-jacket. Apparently Congress can’t do that, but it is making moves to curtail Bush’s war-making powers. More than 300 lawmakers have been debating over they can prevent Bush from sending more Americans to kill or be killed in Iraq. They are also wary of Bush’s increasing fixation on Iran, and hope to curtail his capacity to spawn another slew of major military mistakes there. It’s seems as though anytime a country makes our cowboy prez shake in his boots a bit, he tries to get rid of it with bullets, bombs, and lots of blood. Sounds like a horror movie with cheap effects, only Bush’s campaign is anything but cheap. When he talks to the public about the necessity of this terrible reality, it seems as though he’s trying to convince both us and himself that God has ordained him to spread democracy to these “infidels.” Now it sounds like a familiar sixth grade history lesson: the Crusades, Manifest Destiny,- maybe the Salem Witch Trials? Murder in the name of God. It’s sick. You would think that as the President of the United States, Bush would have some notion that history repeats itself. Maybe he didn’t do so hot in the sixth grade. I would also like to think that someone, somehow could have nipped this whole thing in the bud; unfortunately, it seems that our country is not nearly as socially and emotionally evolved as we are scientifically. It’s nice that Congress is trying, in its own little way. Still, our president seems to believe that “all’s fair in love and war”; call me a cynic, but it beats the hell out of me where all of this will lead.


US House rebukes Bush over new Iraq strategy


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