Posted by: reisendame | February 28, 2007

Phew! Dick Cheney’s safe… now, how about the rest of the world’s residents?

cheney_dick.jpg This morning, the Taliban executed what it says was an assassination attempt against Dick Cheney; the result, instead, was a suicide bomb blast that killed 23 people within earshot of our safely guarded vice president at the U.S. military Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.  Cheney was really not in grave danger of death, as U.S. spokesmen say a suicide bomber could not have gotten close enough to him through the strict security. Still, lives were lost and this tragedy really emphasizes the fact that the Taliban is a much greater security threat than our government wants to admit.

afghan3.jpg According to press sources, after the attack Cheney re-iterated his belief that “no bomb blast of any kind can change U.S. policy.” (see CNN video clip below) This is exactly the kind of thinking that’s leading our country into territories more treacherous than we’d like to believe. Who cares if Cheney is safe, especially if he plans to continue advocating and implementing strategies that will only further endanger the lives of civilians and soldiers all over the globe?

wcheney.jpgThis may sound abrasive, but that’s precisely my point. And I’m certainly not just criticizing Cheney. The United States really, truly needs to re-evaluate its foreign policy procedures that seem to be provoking this kind of “radical” action. It is absolutely imperative, in my opinion, that the American government begins to understand the motivations of our enemies in their full context. Only then can we more accurately assess their incentives and appropriately address their threats. Otherwise, the state of international affairs will only become more aggressive and hostile; in turn, global instability will continue increasing severely. I could be wrong, but this does not sound like the recipe for “world peace.” Then again, maybe that’s not what the American government is really after.  

Read the Article: Bomb Within Earshot of Cheney Kills 23


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