Posted by: reisendame | September 17, 2007

Arctic meltdown an advantage? Are you crazy?


Satellite reports show that Arctic ice levels are at their lowest yet, an alarming observation that some are actually excited about. When the world ought to be praying for the slowing down of global warming, why would anyone see an advantage here? Well, the European Space Agency’s photos show the possibility of a Northwest Passage opening up as ice melts to water at faster and faster rates.

Read the Story: Arctic ice melt opens Northwest Passage

Experts say routes between Japan and Scandinavia could be cut in half, which would also cut down on pollution from ship emissions. Still, the bad astronomically outweighs the good here. A U.N. panel says that global warming will leave the polar regions virtually free of ice as early as 2070, maybe sooner. At the very least, this would mean that the world would see the obliteration of Arctic wildlife that depends on the ice for survival.


Proponents for developing this Northwest Passage also say that the region may contain as much as 25 percent of the world’s untapped oil and gas resources. Interesting to know, but these would be inappropriate treasures for a world that may be devoid of land in the not-too distant future. This ice is not going to stop melting, and if we aren’t concerned about the extinction of arctic wildlife, how should we feel about the imminent extinction of human “civilized” life?

Increased traffic in that area would also lead to more oil spills and man-made environmental catastrophes. Instead of considering global warming to be a means of economic gain, people must be made aware that this is a problem, not a financial opportunity.

There’s no telling what Mother Nature may have in store for us, but the warning signs are clearly here.

Silly as it sounds, maybe Kevin Costner had the right idea ten years ago with Waterworld.

I’m just joshing, But honestly!

just think about it.

We really need to see this global phenomenon for what it is, and put forth research efforts and daily practices that will save the earth, rather than facilitate its literal meltdown.

Learn More: Greenpeace Official Website



  1. Get a grip, man! The Northwest passage has been open before. Do you see any difference between you chicken littles and the Christians who think the anti-christ is here and the rapture is close at hand? Some things never change. In case you haven’t noticed life goes on and technology changes with it. Compare 1957 to 2007. Have you so given up on man that you think nothing will change in the next 50 years? Quit trying to scare yourselves to death!

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