Posted by: reisendame | October 8, 2007

Crime and Punishment


A Missouri man faces thirty years in prison for stealing a 52 cent doughnut and allegedly pushing the store clerk out of his way as he fled the scene.

While the doughnut theft alone would be mean misdemeanor shoplifting charges for Scott A. Masters, the assault on a store clerk ups the charges to “strong armed robbery.”

Since Masters has prior criminal history, he faces thirty years in prison.


Masters swears that he didn’t even touch the clerk, saying that “there’s no way I would’ve pushed a woman over a doughnut.”

I wonder if the store had any surveillance cameras so the crime could actually be reviewed as it happened. As it is, the case is purely on a “he said-she said” basis, and police are less likely to believe a thief with prior criminal history than a female employee who claims to have been assaulted.

I also wonder what kind of accounts witnesses would give in this situation.

I happen to believe the thief, but I could be wrong. Is there any evidence of an assault, like bruises or scratches? If the store clerk suffers no injuries or evidence that he attacked her, then thirty years in jail is absolutely an inappropriate sentence.

These charges seem to be discriminatory. I wonder how much he must suffer from a guilty conscience compared to other criminals who have served lighter sentences for more heinous crimes. Child molestors do less time.


Mary Winkler, who murdered her preacher husband (motives questionable), only spent seven months in custody after being found guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

Ah, I love the justice system.



  1. I love your blog. I think it is so effective how you distribute your media throughout the article, not just at the top or the bottom. I also think you have a great blog topic. It allows you to gain some knowledge and it informs the public about really important topics. Also gives you the chance to see how some other media and news stations present stories. I would maybe like to see you say a little bit more about your opinion on the stories because it would compliment the hard news stories nicely, plus I think you would get a lot more hits!

  2. Ah! The justice system!

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