Posted by: reisendame | October 15, 2007

“Kid Nation” is blatantly an Abomination

There never seems to be a shortage of reality tv these days, and networks will rack their brains and bend the rules to produce new shows that will, in turn, boost their ratings.

Reality tv has become a sick phenomenon in our society and CBS’ new series, “Kid Nation,” is proof of my allegations.


This exploitative “reality” drama that debuted on September 19 features 40 children, all between the ages of 8 and 15. They were placed in a New Mexico “ghost town,” which is really just a tv set, for 40 days with little or no contact with their parents.

The idea is that these children will run their own community. If this were a group of marooned kids in “Lord of the Flies,” we could expect them to start killing each other. The difference here is that there are cameras, producers, a host, and a group of four teens predetermined to be the “Town Council.” These elements all converge to create a plethora of artificial drama.

Watch the CBS Trailer:

Some of it is real, though. In just the first episode, children were sobbing uncontrollably and one child decided to go home. The contract clearly states that these kids must do whatever the producers ask them to, or else they must leave and risk not getting paid.

Somehow these contracts are legal. I can’t imagine what kind of a parent would send their child into an environment like this. I wonder in how many cases the child was forced to participate. It will almost certainly be traumatic in many instances, especially in those of the younger children. I suppose it’s not much different from the parent who lives vicariously through his/her child’s extracurricular life: i.e. football dads, backstage moms, etc.

In any case, the show is an abomination. It’s just further confirmation of how low our culture has sunk- and also a frightening clue as to how much further we may go (that is, if we go unchecked).


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