Posted by: reisendame | October 15, 2007

Remedy for deadly diarrhea shows benefits of herbal healing


This may come as a surprise to some, but the truth is that diarrhea is the leading cause of infant mortality in developing nations.

This affliction, caused by the E.Coli virus, accounts for 380,000 infant deaths yearly and produces 210 million cases worldwide per year. Despite these startling numbers, recent studies in Taiwan show promise that a cure more easily accessible than drug therapy may be on the horizon.

As it is, few infants (or their families) have the means to access treatment for this actually deadly sickness. Many of the people affected barely have enough food to survive.

Researchers in Taiwan have yet to test its effectiveness in infants (or its safety), but they have concluded that an extract of ginger root may be the answer to introducing a relatively inexpensive treatment to families who currently cannot afford any other.

In fact, this discovery may highlight the benefits of herbal medicinal treatment as opposed to pharmaceutically-rendered drugs. In many cases, artificially produced drugs have terrible side effects that can lead to physical ailments that weren’t there in the first place. At least herbal treatments are natural; naturally, they would agree with a person’s body better than lab-created meds.

Today it seems as though we rely too much on overpriced prescriptions that many people don’t even have access to. We’ve all heard the tales of doctors over-prescribing thanks to payoffs from pharmaceutical companies. And these big name companies haven’t hesitated to pay off the generic companies to keep their drugs off the market, either.

This Taiwanese study shows that if we put our scientific minds on the right path, leaving self-interestbehind, we might actually be more progressive in medicine and technology than we have been in some cases. The fields of medicine and science should be to truly better humanity, not to produce the next most expensive wonder-drug that will come off the market within a decade.



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