Posted by: reisendame | October 29, 2007

Addiction isn’t just about the drug

A researcher at University at Buffalo’s Research Institute of Addictions is testing out a new method of stress-reduction therapy, in conjunction with more traditional treatment in preventing relapses in recovering alcoholics.

What’s surprises me about this “new” therapy is the fact that it has not been commonly practiced before. It’s well-known that stress is one of the leading factors contributing to alcohol and drug abuse of all kinds. Whether it’s stress from family, work, or even anxiety about being addicted, there are a number of stress sources in the life of a drug/ alcohol addict.


Of course, there are many other elements that cause drug dependence, such as genetics and social influence. However, I think it’s important that drug and alcohol abusers learn to recognize and control their own emotional and behavioral patterns, so that they may more effectively cope with and have a handle on their addictions.

Co-morbidity is common is alcoholism and drug addiction: many of those afflicted also suffer depression, Obsessive-Complusive Disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, for example.

Addictions cannot effectively be treated by focusing on the drug abuse alone. The disease of addiction is one that affects the person afflicted, as well as the people around him or her. It ruins lives, and anything that can be done to decrease its prevalence is absolutely useful, and I can’t see how someone would disagree.

Stats on Alcohol Abuse



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  2. I agree with your comorbidity theory; it is sometimes difficult to tell when treating individuals which came first-the addiction to substances or the coexisting mental health disorder.

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