Posted by: reisendame | November 6, 2007

In the classifieds, you can buy old bikes, rowboats, and… breast milk?


A 22- year old from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has taken out a newspaper advertisement selling extra breast milk!

There are no Iowa laws barring sales of this nature, but Don McCormick of the Iowa Department of Public Health says that health officials strongly advise against it.

The only phone call the woman, Martha Heller, has recieved in response to the ad was a prank call, but she still offers $100 ounces of her breast milk for $200. The milk for sale has not been screened.

Heller is now donating screened milk to the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital Mother’s Milk Bank.

Apparently, Heller has been storing pumped breast milk since August, but since her four month old daughter won’t drink from a bottle, the stock is piling up. Heller doesn’t want her milk to go to waste.
It’s nice that’s she’s donating nourishment to children who really are in need, but selling breast milk in a newspaper ad??

That sounds creepy to me. First of all, even the infants at the children’s hospital are potentially exposed to harmful chemicals that screenings won’t necessarily pick up.

More importantly, I don’t know what kind of parent or guardian would buy aging, unscreened lactation from a stranger through a classified ad. There are much safer and healthier options for feeding infants than one such as this. My guess is that this milk will probably not be purchased for this purpose.

Who knows what kind of person would actually buy that? I’m sure there’s someone out there with a fetish for breast milk. I suppose much weirder preferences are out there.

I can’t blame Heller for trying, but it sounds like she’s just a young mother trying to pick up some extra cash. I doubt she would ever consult the classified ads seeking a solution to feeding her own daughter. It’s unnatural, irresponsible, just plain disgusting.

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Watch Martha Heller tell the story herself:


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