Posted by: reisendame | November 6, 2007

Rise and Shine!

The latest issue of Time magazine features the top inventions of 2007, and the publication has named Steve Jobs’ iphone as the greatest invention of the entire year.



I happen to disagree.

Doesn’t everyone hate waking up to any alarm clock? Many have pointed out that alarms are actually harmful, as they can disrupt sleep patterns necessary to maintain physical and mental health. Vincent Cheung’s blog highlights the pitfalls of using loud alarms to start your day.



When he wrote this blog, however, one potentially sanity-saving device hadn’t yet been invented: the glo pillow.

Time magazine explains that the glo pillow uses nothing but light to wake a person up. The pillow starts glowing “about 40 min. before reveille,” and gradually becomes brighter, simulating a natural sunrise.



This process is much more natural than being startled out of sleep by an alarm, and helps set the body’s circadian rhythm (or “body clock”).

I haven’t been able to find a price on the new foam pillow filled with a grid of LED lights, but it’s probably not the cheapest item around right now. Still, I want one! I can just imagine how much nicer my day would be if it began this way.

I’d only worry about it accidentally going off at night or penetrating cancerous light beams into my brain. Also, who knows how long it will take for the bulbs to burn out?

Anyways, the Royal Society of Art Design awarded its inventors the Ideal Standard Designers award. Take that, iphone!



  1. The glo pillow may not be the cheapest item around right now, but it’s still gotta be cheaper than the $600 iphone. I’d choose the glo pillow over the iphone any day.

  2. great music site for the iphone: you can also build a playlist on the main site and it shows up on the iphone instantly

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