Posted by: reisendame | June 19, 2008

Can I convince any of you to appreciate a little Christian rock music from 15 yrs ago, if only for a moment?

In keeping with the current theme of Christianity, I would like to propose that my readers take a gander at a couple of wonderful early nineties Christian-rock songs.

***Disclaimer: I do not claim to be of the Christian faith, particularly.***

I am, however, a Virginia-born girl mostly raised as a Southern Baptist in this great Yankee state of Connecticut, until I was old enough to start raising myself. One year, I must’ve been about six, my church in Hamden hosted a youth group from Alabama, all of whom held a Bible-study camp and finally performed these hip-with-religion songs. My mom was so impressed that she immediately bought the albums, and played the Bible-lovin’ rockers like they were Rod Stewart, U2, or Springsteen.

These are just some songs I loved as a child and presently love as an adult. They’re actually slightly (maybe majorly) less secular than you’d imagine, and it’s all somewhat vintage as well.

Call me lame, but these two tunes are my faves as of late. Please try them out.


Michael W. Smith’s “Place in this World”

Steven Curtis Chapman‘s “The Great Adventure”



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