Posted by: reisendame | September 18, 2008

Stop eating processed foods and get away with murder!! … well, sort of.

We’ve heard it all before: those who prefer chowing down on processed foods increase their risk of obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. So why are we still eating our way into what some might call a biologically devolved version of our whole-food-eating ancestors?

The Six Thousand Hidden Dangers of Processed Foods

Dr. Raw’s “Why not processed foods?”

Well, for one thing, these empty-caloried concoctions are often cheap, convenient, and really tasty! They do more than seduce your wallet, watch, and taste buds, though. On a darker note, your body can become physically addicted to these very “foods.” Quite literally, eating processed food creates cravings for more processed food.

And like I said before, we have heard all of this and Americans are more obese than ever (not to mention the skyrocketing rates of diabetes).

Here, in one of my least proud moments, I will make one more desperate attempt to wean people off the poison that is the processed food industry:

Researcher and inventor Dr. John Bond says that because of increased salt intake and sweat production, “consumers of processed foods will leave better fingerprints,” i.e. at the scene of a crime.  Now, how about that?  

Read the article

Dr. Bond is responsible for innovative technology he hopes will help catch makers of roadside bombs by assessing sweat marks and corrosion on metal.

Come to think of it, I hope I haven’t blown his whole operation. I’m just going to assume that bomb-builders haven’t discovered my blog or other reports of his findings… knock on wood.

Just for fun, New Nietzchean Diet: Fat Is Dead

From U.S. News & World Report: 10 Things the Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

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