Posted by: reisendame | August 23, 2011

Preserving Our Freedoms

I’ve never been so struck by immigration laws as I am today. In July, the Huffington Post reported President Obama’s resolution to deport “the worst of the worst.” On May 10, Obama said in a speech in El Paso, Texas, that his administration was focused on violent offenders and not families or “folks who are looking to scrape together an income.”

Here, Obama addresses illegal/ undocumented immigrants. So what about a legal, green-card-carrying resident of 50 years? A US Army and National Guard veteran, husband and father of a toddler? A man who served time for non-violent crimes committed within the span of four years, the last incident four years ago, all stemming from the disease of addiction. Because he was sentenced to one year in prison, this man is considered guilty of an ‘aggravated felony,’ according to a 1996 bill signed by Clinton.

Arnold Gianmarco moved to the US from Italy at the age of four. His brother laments, “He has no working knowledge of the Italian language.” After Giammarco’s release from prison in February of 2008, he became a contributing member of society: married the mother of his daughter, walked three miles to work to support that family since February of 2008 and as his sister-in-law grimly points out: “they allowed him to create a whole lot worth losing.”

Since May 14 Arnold Gianmarco has been detained by Homeland Security. His sister-in-law, Amy Blair, writes this testimony on, a website intended to garner support for the Gianmarco family in a case that appears to have had no precedence.

Please visit the website for reflections on Gianmarco’s life and the facts of his criminal record.

Gianmarco’s lawyer stated “it would take a miracle” to prevent his deportation. I plan to follow this case closely and continue posting my research.

What are your thoughts?

Some Immigrants Dodge Deportation Under New Rules


  1. Arnold’s deportation hearing is this Tuesday in Boston, October 25.

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